Radiophonic Tuckshop


Here’s yet another essential release involving Joe Kane.

“Running Commentary” might be the Radiophonic Tuckshop’s debut EP – but the no-holds-barred signature garage pop sound is easily recognizable from the Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab albums, the absolutely fabulous “Watermelon” album with The Owsley Sunshine as well as from Joe Kane’s solo work.

Whereas Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab is a duo with the inimitable Stuart Kidd (check him out!), this time round the setup is a full band. And that band includes another hero of mine, Paul Kelly from the Martial Arts and, more recently, How To Swim.

Compared to some of the references I have peppered this short text with already, the focus here is clearly on the straightforward pop side of things. Experiments, silly interludes, concept suites, and even radiophonic sounds of the kind served up on the latest (but I sincerely hope not last!) Dr Cosmo’s Tabe Lab release “Super Chrome Class” are conspicuously absent.

“The Radiophonic Tuck Shop” was originally a Chuck Berry tribute song done by Joe together with Nic Denholm, but it seems that now the time has come to take the pop confectionery approach a step further.
Indeed, the melodies on offer here are straight from silly pop heaven. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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