Cobalt Chapel listen to their inner kraut

Mountain [24 bit 44.1k master]

Cobalt Chapel, the haunting psych duo consisting of Cecilia Fage and Jarrod Gosling who made a splendid self titled debut album last year are back with ‘Mountain’, an EP that clocks in at over 20 minutes.

Compared to the debut album, this EP moves the duo into slightly harder territory. At least on the opening track, they definitely have been paying more attention to their inner kraut.

With the second track ’Bohemia’ we are back in more familiar territory. Cecilia’s wordless vocals float around like a modern day Norma Winstone, and there is a broken down circus feel to the whole thing as organs weave in and out. Lost my mind! Who? Me?

”It is all done with just organs, but there’s some Mellotron on ’Canticle’,” comments Jarrod. 

And maybe it is the Mellotron, but the mood on the third track is at first almost sacral. However it soon develops into a chaotic organ workout that is pagan more than anything else, before ending in something that could have been recorded in a church after all.

The EP concludes where it began, with a radio edit of the title track. Not sure if this will be played on the radio, but I do know that I love it!

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