Free Dracula soundtrack


I had no idea that tomorrow is World Dracula Day, in celebration of the date of the first publication of Bram Stoker’s book. 

To be honest, the only vampires that give me the creeps are the current onslaught of ticks, the horrid and parasitic arachnids. But the bats that circle around in the air over our front yard at night, I think are beautiful, if anything.

Nevertheless, Karda Estra have decided to celebrate this event by making the ‘Voivode Dracula’ album available for free on Bandcamp for a few days. And if you don’t already own it, then you simply must download it. Don’t continue reading this text, just hit the link and go.

But if your eyes are still lingering here, then I would say that this is modern classical music for the hauntology or goth fan. Like most of Karda Estra’s music, it is meticulously composed and very ambitious. On the one hand dramatic and emotionally intense, on the other, soaring and almost glacial.

It is very easy to conjure up black and white horror movies images while listening, yet simultaneously this music is quite modern.

The perfect soundtrack when reading any horror novel, not only Dracula. And it goes quite well with deep space SF too, actually.

Now, hit the link and download the album, really!

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