10 best albums Q2, 2019

As always seems to be the case, the second quarter of the year is a busy time. Nevertheless, I have tried to reduce this to the bare backbone of what I found to be really essential stuff. Among the new albums, I would particularly like to highlight the Jouis album. I know that I already wrote a swooning review about it, but I just can’t find enough praise to heap on it. Mind you, all the other albums on the list are also sublime!

I try not to focus too much on archival stuff, but there was just no way I could avoid that this quarter. I would particularly like to point out that The Ocean Tango needs everyone’s attention. A pop classic, simply put!

Speaking of pop classics, Green Seagull keeps delivering them, so I decided to have their new single in solitary majesty this quarter. Dying to hear their new album soon!

I also added a spoken word album. Partikelbana features poems written and read by Martti Soutkari. But you need to get this even if you do not speak Swedish, because it also contains four short, sweet jazz pop nuggets composed by Petter Herbertsson of Ocean Tango, Testbild! and Sternpost fame. If you have read my other texts on this blog, you probably know that I pray at the altar of his sense of melody. Although the tracks are short as a Swedish summer even taken together, Petter is on top form.  He assisted on vocals by another favourite, Siri af Burén. Totally essential.

Bitw – Bitw

black midi – Schlagenheim


Cate Le Bon – Reward

Gong – The Universe Also Collapses

Jouis – Mind Bahn

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Folly Bololey

O Terno – <atras/alem>

Rev Magnetic – Versus Universe

Daniel O’Sullivan – Folly

Wovoka Gentle – Start Clanging Cymbals


Archival releases Q2, 2019

Rascal Reporters – Redux, Vol 1

Peter Lemer & Friends – Jet Yellow

Be Bop Deluxe – Futurama

The Muffins – Secret Signals 3

Mothboxer – Time Capsule Vol. 1

The Ocean Tango – The Ocean Tango

Radiohead – MiniDiscs [Hacked]



Single of Q2, 2019

Green Seagull – Simeon Brown


Spoken word album of Q2, 2019

Partikelbana – Partikelbana

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