10 best albums Q1 2019

The last year of the decade has started incredibly nicely: The first quarter of 2019 is full of brilliant releases and I have listed my top ten album picks here in alphabetical order. I am not ranking them as they are all great, but if i had to pick a desert island disc, it would be ‘Every Night Something Happens’ by the Lost Crowns.

Cobalt Chapel – Variants

The Comet Is Coming – Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery

Deep Cut – Different Planet

Drift Code – Rustin Man


Duke 72 – Mid Shires Herald

The Hare and Hoofe – The Hare and Hoofe

Lost Crowns – Every Night Something Happens

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Gap Species

The 3rd Eye Flute Band – Music from An Eastern Western


You tell me – You Tell Me

Lost in the post

If you really want your record to be lost and forgotten, you might want to try to release it just before Christmas, so that the jangle gets drowned out by the noise from all the jingle bells. On top of that, postal services are overloaded causing big delays in delivery. Stop sending all those season’s greeting cards! 

‘Open Sky’ was officially released on December 14th but I didn’t get my copy until January. It is packed to the gills with XTCesque pop perfection. Whatever you do, don’t miss it! 

Mothboxer – Open Sky

Singles and EPs Q1 2019

I usually try to avoid buying singles and EPs, but there are always a few that I have to get anyway.

District Repair Depot – Argy-BARGY EP

Ralegh Long – January 28th, 2019

Twink – Brand New Morning b / w Dreams Turn Into Rainbows

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