Achingly beautiful

Just a few short lines to say that Ralegh Long has a new single out today, his third this year. Not unusually for Ralegh the only sounds are voice and guitar, but this time it is just one take, no overdubs. And it is absolutely brilliant. And once more, the atmosphere of Nick Drake is quite tangible as Ralegh caresses sounds out of his guitar and somewhat reluctantly sings the wistful lyrics about wanting to be ‘Where You Are’. 

You immediately know that there will never be closure. The whole things is achingly beautiful while at the same time satisfyingly complete as an expression of a complex yet very relatable feeling.

I understand from Ralegh that he is currently writing a lot and that we might be expecting more from him upwards of summer, maybe in September. That is indeed something to look forward to, but in the mean time, get this and the previous 2018 singles ‘Super Blue Moon’ and ‘Am I Home’. And get his albums too if you don’t have them, they are such gems!

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